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Mother and Daughter

Join us for our second annual conference!

In collaboration the Center for Integrated Public Health Education and Research at University of Saint Francis, Mission: Motherhood is proud to host the 2nd Annual Maternal Mental Health Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana on World Maternal Mental Health Day, Wednesday May 1st.

With an emphasis on addressing maternal mental health, maternal mortality, and maternal substance use disorder, the Maternal Mental Health Conference will take place on the University of Saint Francis campus and is open for all state, regional, and local healthcare providers and community-based organizations with programming specific to maternal health.

We understand that maternal mental health is a complex issue and are committed to opening conversations on all touch points to deepen understanding and compassion in service to all mothers, no matter their journey. We are better together.

The conference is dedicated to educating our providers in the community and region regarding the importance of screening, the impact of the mother(caregiver)/child dyad, access to maternal mental health support and recovery options for mothers with substance use disorders – to name a few of the topics for the event.

We are proud to welcome national, state, and local resources to the conference to enhance theses conversation in all aspects.

Agenda Coming Soon

8 a.m.


4 p.m.

Lots of fun details to come!

Even more fun details to come!

If you'll believe it, even more fun details to come!

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